Letter of thanks ( Zita Arnauskienė )

Traslation from Lithuanian


I have started feeling pain in my back and gnawing between scapulas, as well as numbness in my arms quite a while ago. After examinations, osteochondrosis and spinal stenosis were diagnosed. After a while, I started slightly crippling, my left foot was more and more turning inside, I started feeling numbness in my left leg, and leg convulsions started. The further the worse it was. I started walking with a great difficulty - I was dragging my left leg, it was often stumbling over even the tiniest prominence, and I was falling down.

After repeated examinations they found something like a focus of disseminated sclerosis in my head. At that time I could hardly walk - I was feeling terrible pain in my legs and spine. Prospects were not promising: a wheelchair.

One day I accidentally found an ad of the specialist in bio-energetics Viktoras Podpruginas with his phone number and website address. I contacted him, and Viktoras agreed to help me.

I started feeling better after several sessions. My leg has started straightening bit by bit, and walking no longer required enormous efforts. During the sessions, Viktoras has eliminated the aforementioned focus in my head and restored the spinal disc to its proper position.

I am grateful to Viktoras, for in 2 months of his sessions he did what doctors could not do during the entire period of my sickness.

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12 July 2009

Zita Arnauskiene


15th July 2009

I, Milda Januseviciute, translator of Translator & Interpreter Company ERMARA Ltd., hereby certify that this is true and correct translation of the original documents.


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