Stanislav Dubina

Translation from Lithuanian

To: Mr Victor Podrugin, a son of Vitaliy, a specialist in bio-energetics

Dear Mr Victor,

I would like to express my words of gratitude for your contribution made in my recovery after the accident 1 had experienced with my spine. Besides, I'd like to share my impressions and emotions concerned so that the other people would be able to apply to you for assistance.

In August 2000 I had an accident where my spine was damaged ( I hit my back against a tree branch). As a result of this accident, 1 was paralyzed. I could move only my head. I was delivered from my cottage (located at 24 km distance from Vilnius) to Emergency Hospital of Vilnius. I could not remember all the details, probably 1 got a kind of shock at that time, but according to my wife, physicians made a radiography, then with help of dropping tube I was applied some medications, some injections were made as well. The next day I could slightly move my toes. After 3-4 days 1 could move my fingers. I stayed at the hospital for 10 days. They made one more radiography examination, gave me some medications and after 10 days of treatment I was sent to rehabilitation center in Santariskes. I was told by doctors that there is a displacement of my 6th and 7th vertebras and the further treatment I'll be applied in Santariskes.

In Santaruskes they were massaging my legs, arms, feet and hands, I was made to walk in a special device, etc. I was taking some pills, and some injections were done. 1,5 months later 1 was sent home. I continued treatment at the 6th Polyclinics and sports hall where 1 was doing some exercises, walking etc. At the time of these treatment procedures, by occasion, one doctor told me that my lumbar vertebra was displaced as well. One year later, I got to know from my friends about you and decided to apply to you for treatment.

To be frank, I didn't have a lot of faith in this regard, but the first meeting with you made me sure about good results of my treatment. You told me everything regarding my diagnosis (you even mentioned a displacement of my lumbar vertebra) During the first 3-4 sessions I did not feel any amendments in my condition, although you kept saying what I have had to feel. During the fifth session I felt warmth in the places where the treatment was applied. Then I began to feel a kind of waves in my arms, hands, legs, feet and back. One month later, I experienced a significant improvement while moving my legs, feet, arms and hands. However, I felt very tired at his sessions. After a session, I had to have a rest for 1 or 1,5 hours. My hopes for recovery became real. Some time earlier, I could stay sitting for 1-2 hours only. Nowadays, I can sit at the table for 4-5 hours without any stress. Pains in my back have been nearly eliminated. I am able to drive my car easily. I can perform gardening works (ground digging, weeding, grass cutting, etc.) I gather mushrooms walking 5-6 kilometers on foot. Of course, I am getting tired, but after a short rest I am fine again. Conclusions: Some time earlier, I expected about my future life like a torment, but nowadays, I can enjoy full-value life. Of course, it is necessary to make myself to move, run, etc. Sometimes it's a little bit complicated but it is necessary to be done.
This is continuity of your treatment I understand that.
This is a brief description of my emotions. I am so thankful to you for your treatment and my recovery, you have encouraged me for my further life.

Thank you very much, dear Victor!


Stanislav Dubina, born in 1936 in Vilnius,

Living at

Saltkalviu Street




16 March 2005

I, AnaMackevic, the translator of Vilnius Translation Bureau "Diafonas", am acquainted with article 235 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania, which provides for criminal responsibility for untrue translation.

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